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celticfaeiry's Journal
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Wednesday, August 17th, 2011
12:07 am
Engaged !!!
SO I was thrown a "surprise" party in Pa. And after happy birthday was sung Bill proposed!!!! My ring is my mom and grandmother's diamond flanked with alexandrite ( alternate birthstone the changes colors(green pink blue purple) when different light hits it) and two tiny emeralds. I designed the ring then bill modified it and had it made. I has a fiancee. It is weird to say it when you are used to boyfriend. I need to remember to check live journal also and not just the facebook!!

Current Mood: loved
Friday, November 19th, 2010
1:41 pm
i totally forgot I had a livejournal. facebook sucks all your time away! hahaha

Current Mood: awake
Monday, January 4th, 2010
1:04 am
x mas
so I went home for x mas. I had a good time didn't see as many people as I would have liked.Spent some quality time with my parents and a few friends. I Came home and worked new years with bill. We had christmas together. I got him panda stuff a cd and mythbusters and he got me a charlie the unicorn throw so funny and some green clothes from old navy. X mas was good, kinda functional bills sis made me a beautiful necklace. I made some cordials for people for xmas. It is totally awesome and not as hard as I thought. sam's parents loved what I made and totally want the recipe I am very excited about this new hobby. hugs to all kinda sick post more later

Current Mood: lethargic
Sunday, December 20th, 2009
10:26 pm
home time
coming home for a visit or about a week hugs all

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009
7:49 pm
Stolen Phone means I need Phone numbers back
So very happy to have a cellphone back. I felt very cut off from the world and people with out it. Since my phone was stolen all my contacts are gone. If people could call my number or send a text or email me or leave a message on live journal facebook or myspace. I don't have anyone if people could get this message to others who might not use these sites. Thanks

Current Mood: relieved
Saturday, August 29th, 2009
9:31 pm
Cell phone has been stolen
My cell got stolen at work yesterday . Inappropriate texts have been sent, please do not respond. cell has been suspended until i get a new # tomorrow. When I get it I will put a number as a friend only post so if you could text me so I can get all my numbers back that would be great. People suck.

Current Mood: angry
Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
6:58 pm
Thank you so much to Brucie for helping my dad with the deck so he could come up and visit. My parents came up to visit.Unfortunately my parents car kinda had a problem in connecticut so it stayed there and Bill and I drove down to pick them up we didn't get there till 12 then we got back to maine at 4 am. So the first day kinda was a little rocky. The next day We went on a driving tour of six lighthouses with my parents. one of them was on a beach on a college campus why didn't I go there haha. We come home and made dinner together. The next day we went to portland and went to a fun touristy shop where my dad got a bunch of lighthouse stuff. teehee We got some lobsters on the docks for dinner. I had to work the next two days but on friday before work we went to the Saco artist community co-op It is a lovely place . Today we tried to go to the beach however there is a hurricane named Bill (haha again) So no one could swim but we put our feet in and watched the amazing high waves crashing on the beach. They almost reached top of the pier. It was a wonderful visit. It was so much fun. We did a lot.

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, July 29th, 2009
10:47 pm
Almost finished moving
It has taken almost two weeks but bill and I are going to the old apt tomorrow to get the last load of stuff. The sheer volume of all the stuff I have is a whopping f***ton. We put up kitchen ,bathroom and bedroom curtains it finally looks put together and the neighborhood can't see me naked bonus ! love and miss everybody in ship philly and beyond internet hugs to all my friends

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, July 7th, 2009
8:02 pm
I do exist i promise
So I do know that I have been out of touch for a while. So the update is that Bill and I are moving in together like four blocks from here in two weeks. Kara will be living next door Yay. So I am trying to save money god it sucks.I miss everyone from ship and philly. I love you all. I am spending much of my time packing I have a crapton of books We are moving from biddeford to saco twin cities on opposite sides of the river. Ttly

Current Mood: good
Saturday, June 13th, 2009
10:40 pm
Driving home to visit my parents for a few days . Love you all mwah
Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
4:59 pm
More Marriage Equality news
So in maine marriage equality the house and the senate both voted in favor of the marriage equality bill . The only thing left to do is have the governor has to sign it and then Maine is the 5 th state to have marriage equality.

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
4:08 pm
Yaay marriage equality!!!!!
I joined the mailing list for equality maine. So unless you want to move to where the corn is to get married . Iowa which just passed marriage equality. New england is apparently on the forefront with these issues. Mass. conn. and now vermont have all passed marriage equality. vermont which just overturned the veto from the governor. how the gender bending state got a republican in the governor seat I don't know. also maine is trying to get marriage equality passed on april 24 the difference is in maine they are trying to get equality passed in the legislative branch rather than the courts as the other states have. Yay new england is doing very well with marriage equality. Awesome TTyl

Current Mood: excited
Tuesday, February 17th, 2009
4:54 pm
valentine's day fun
bill and I decided to visit a local winery for valentines day it was awesome.Blacksmiths winery, It was sweet and pretty. we got to see more of Maine than we had before. The wines we had were very yummy. I bought a few bottles. I want to go back, the lady there was so nice. we stopped at the shops across the street. bill got me a pair of earrings. they are black triangular rough cut stones. we drove home, got lost, special. Then we decided on a recipe to cook together coq au vin. so I started cooking and had not chopped everything prior to starting. The pot of olive oil started billowing smoke and I freaked out. bill calmly went outside poured the oil in the snow cleaned the pan and we stared from scratch. Dinner ended up good but not exactly worth the stress. WE didn't end up making fondue which was bill suggestion for valentines day. however we went out and bought a spider plant together. Because I want something living to take care of in my house other than my roommate. all in all it was a fun day and I need to not be so neurotic in the kitchen. happy belated valentines day to all my sexy friends mwah ttyl

Current Mood: bored
Monday, January 12th, 2009
12:44 am
christmas stories
So bill and I for the first time in over two years split christmas between the two families. god it is so hard to keep both families happy with both having less time than they would like. Also neither set of parents actually paid attention to the plans they were told nobody knew what was going on when we were leaving what we were doing with each set of parents. Next year written plan for both sets of parentals . For christmas eve we went to his uncle's house and had a 7 course traditional polish meal . I was good and tried everything and his family was surprised and they kept on watching me eat because some of the courses were weird like barley (boring) and homemade periogies made with cabbage and sauerkraut. I think his family likes me at this point . then on christmas day we went down to my parents then my aunt jeans for dinner a typically pensy dutch kind of meal. We stayed with katie and had a nice visit with her. I miss living with everyone nearby or with me. I want a commune like we used to have.haha I went to jeans party it was fun and I got to see people i haven't seen in a while . Lots of nice visiting and partying .My ex randy and his fiancee were at jeans so I wished him and her a merry christmas and that I hoped they had a nice wedding the week after . it was strange to see them after like almost two years of not seeing him or her. i hope they are happy but it is just weird to think of how many of my exs are married. I had a wonderful visit at home but it was to short. I barely had enough time to visit the people that were nearby and anyone to far i missed sad face. for new years bill and i had a quiet evening in however it was a lot better than last year which ended up a little less fun than i had hoped. lots of fun this year! I hope everyone has a wonderful new year. i miss everybody from ship and philly love y'all ttyl bye

Current Mood: content
Monday, December 22nd, 2008
8:38 pm
I just wanted to wish everyone happy holidays and an awesome safe new year I love and miss you all hugs and kisses . tt'all later

Current Mood: productive
Wednesday, December 17th, 2008
4:54 pm
ELECTRICITY = normal life
so up in maine nh and mass we had an ice storm it landed and killed electricity for 5 days I stayed for like a day and a half and then went to stay at bills because he had a generator. you don't realize how much you depend on electricity to do everything and anything that you have to do. all the food in our fridge and freezer went bad suck. I lived in amish country for college and I have now realized that I need electricity like crack. I never want to be amish it would drive me batshit crazy.

Current Mood: relieved
Thursday, December 4th, 2008
11:09 pm
my rainbow means i should totally be a redhead !
Your rainbow is strongly shaded red.


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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
6:08 pm
why new england is awesome and y'all should move here
so some awesome that has happened up here in the north east. first of all I live here so automatic awesome points . second all my rainbow friends as of this morning new england now has two states that have legalized gay marriage massachusetts and if the wonderfulness that is boston and the rest of the wonderful state won't sway you. Connecticut this morning legalized gay marriage also. the only two states in the country now that cali took it away of note i found out recently vermont happens to be very trans-gender friendly. Some of my rainbow should come land up here. Also for other interesting tidbits for mary janeofiles pieces are sold in the local gas station and lots of stores and in mass they have decriminalized the possession of less than an ounce of mj . And to top it all off to my lushy friends in maine you can buy beer wine and liquor in the grocery store. that ends my book report on all the awesome reasons to move to new england. hahaha ttyl
Friday, October 17th, 2008
4:18 pm
I know all my posts start with I know I haven't posted in a while whatever that is me. The visit to ship that q talked about I was a part of it was awesome to go back and see people i haven't seen in a while and i felt more like my wild and fun self New England is turning me staid because my friends up here are little bit more reserved. I came home and told everyone i wanted more demonstrativeness. AND I HAD MY FIRST VISIT BY SOME ONE NOT SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE PAYING RENT HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY My sister was actually the first person to come visit my place. she came up to visit a friend from college in grad school in boston . Both of them came up. On saturday morning I drove down to pick them up (hung over) we drove up took pic of pretty trees b/c it was peak tree color weekend .We stopped in kittery went to the trading post got some silly stuff magnet and shot glass and a scarf (my sis) leslie got a magnet and I got earrings. then we finished driving up got together with will kara erica and bill . that is a lot of people. we then went off to portland and did some exploring I LOVE PORTLAND it is so much fun it is like a big new hope on a port . we went to my favorite store 2 note perfumery. it is like organic homemade perfume candles and bath stuff all their scents are based off musical terms their website is really just cool to go look at.2noteperfumery.com the two chill hippie musicians that run the store remember me and bill and we end up having a long convo while my sis and her friend wander off after almost breaking some thing in the store. then we walk around the area visit other stores and go to Zane a store that has a huge malamute doge that sits outside and lets you pet him then sits on your feet so you will rub his belly he is the most placid dog I have ever met. i love him . by then my sister was getting antsy about food so we got her a lobstah dinner on the waterfront.of course she didn't know how to get at the tail or what she shouldn't eat . so she points at the tail and says make it come out . after dinner portland was closed so we drove home and drank some wine and had some fun and interesting tipsyness. the next day we woke up and went to the bestest breakfast place in biddeford i had my breakfast and got to try bite of two other specials on the menu that made me have like happy food coma by the time we left. strawberry croissant french toast with whipped cream is orgasmic. so is eggs benedict with homemade corned beef hash as the meat. the most amazing breakfast place ever. then we got my sis and her friend tickets for the downeaster the train from maine to boston . After getting the tics I took them to old orchard beach Maine's wildwood 15 min from where I live. we went to the water played for pics i put my feet in not as cold as it was in april. then we walked around what shops were left open the last weekend of the season.the beach glass place the candy store then we drove to the train station got them on the train and had a great visit all in all i love you all and misses everyone bye ttyl

Current Mood: content
Wednesday, July 9th, 2008
4:32 am
i'm alive really i swear!!!
So I was just checking up on people and I realize that I haven't made a good entry in a while. I have lived in Maine for almost a year now I am still working with davor in pa. Almost two years with this job it is still very fun to do. After a visit back home I realized how out of touch I feel with people back at home. i feel welcome just kinda like i live on another planet . My fun portland,like a slightly bigger new hope , and that is the largest city in maine . seriously my hippietastic slow laid back area up here that couldn't be anymore different than philly if they really were different planets . I love it up here and i hope to be living with bill soon there are plans .i miss everyone and wish everyone many good things . ttyl i should be able to post more because my roomie is lending me his computer i love y'all hugs kisses and 1030s

Current Mood: awake
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